Lufthansa Airlines

Throughout Newsmaker Group’s 15+ year partnership with The Lufthansa Group, we have played an integral role in developing and executing the U.S. communications strategy and messaging, working directly to secure headlines and major media coverage in trade, business, technology and consumer media on a local, regional and national level.

A primary objective of the U.S. PR campaign has been to promote the company’s industry leading innovations which often center around next-gen technologies including biometrics, robotics, preventive maintenance, mobile tech, and much more.  To promote the company’s wide-ranging breakthroughs we’ve represented their PR at major technology events, such as CES, held digital workshops for media, and publicized new technologies via one-on-one media relations efforts, securing ongoing coverage in outlets such as Business Insider, CNBC, Fast Company, Mashable, New York Times and Wired.

Awareness of Lufthansa as the global leader of industry innovation has grown extensively, fortifying the application we helped prepare for Air Transport World Magazine’s ATW Awards, resulting in Lufthansa being awarded the coveted Airline of the Year award in 2019.

Another goal of our PR efforts has been to transition perception of Lufthansa from strictly a reliable European (mainly German) carrier into a leading global luxury brand. This has been achieved in part by expanding the PR focus beyond airline industry media to other verticals (e.g., business travel, consumer technology, environmental, and food and wine), as well as national luxury lifestyle outlets.

When Lufthansa partnered with Airbus to introduce to the U.S. the A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, Newsmaker Group helped execute a press event at JFK airport that attracted 200+ media. This was followed by a PR program in support of inaugural flights to key markets including New York, Miami and LA, generating significant media coverage about Lufthansa’s new, state-of-the-art aircraft, and its industry leadership overall.