The Fintech industry is complex, fast moving and highly competitive, and money transfer company Transfast turned to Newsmaker Group for a PR campaign that would differentiate the company and its technology applications from other remittance companies in support of its longer-term acquisition goal. To help achieve this, our PR objectives were to:

  • Make Transfast the money transfer platform of choice, especially among people sending money to family back “home”
  • Increase Transfast’s credibility in the Fintech industry to enable Transfast to forge additional bank “tie-ups” and grow its “rails”
  • Launch and grow Transpay, a new b2b payments platform
  • Introduce and build usage of its new mobile app and website interface which were key to countering the huge technology investments of legacy competitors like Western Union, and new players such as Xoom

We targeted a wide range of media including technology publications, payments and banking media, consumer outlets targeted to immigrants and expats living in the U.S., and general business media.  Media coverage was generated on an ongoing basis through three main efforts:

  1. Publicizing the company’s evolving technology offerings, new partnerships and expanding network.
  2. Thought Leadership which including offering company executives for comment to journalists covering ranging topics such as Blockchain, Mobile and B2B Payments and Currency Exchange.
  3. A consumer survey series entitled “Working in America” to pinpoint and publicize newsworthy data about “lightweight” financial matters and money transfer practices of specific target audiences, including people from India, the Philippines, and various African countries.

Since our engagement was initiated, Transfast increased its remittance business, grew its banking network through new partnerships, and successfully launched and established business customers for its new Transpay solution.  Most recently, Mastercard acquired the company, the ultimate proof of success!