Uptime Institute

Newsmaker Group worked with Uptime Institute, the vendor-neutral, worldwide authority on data center optimization, for six years. When this engagement began, Uptime had been without a proactive communications strategy. Although its brand was highly respected, the fast growing data center marketplace misunderstood Uptime’s proprietary industry standards. As such, third parties were capitalizing by making false public claims tied to Uptime’s ratings.

Newsmaker Group developed a strategy and communications messaging to counteract this industry misuse, educate the marketplace about the global standards, and establish the organization’s thought leadership in the press. We successfully arranged ongoing media interviews and coverage in a range of outlets, including data center trades (e.g. TechTarget, Data Center Knowledge), IT/technology publications and blogs (CIO, ComputerWorld, GigaOm, IT World, Cloud Computing Journal and InformationWeek), and general business media (Wall Street Journal). We also secured speaking engagements for Uptime executives at global industry events.

Newsmaker Group also handled media relations for Uptime Institute’s annual Symposium, a world famous data center industry conference. During the first two years event attendance grew more than 200 percent and the number of submissions to the corresponding annual Green Enterprise IT Awards (GEIT) has significantly increased.

A true testament to the public relations campaign’s success, Uptime became recognized as an important ongoing expert media resource with frequent inbound queries from global business and technology media. Further, industry abuse of Uptime’s internationally recognized standards was all but eliminated.