Yale School of Management

The Newsmaker Group team worked with Yale School of Management (SOM) in various roles from 1995 to 2005. We developed and implemented strategies to re-position the School from being recognized for Non-Profit Management education, to a leading, well-rounded business school vis-à-vis other well-established, competing institutions such as Wharton, Harvard, etc. In addition to re-branding Yale SOM, we executed efforts to recruit and retain leading faculty and outstanding applicants, build alumni engagement and support development, promote private sector partnerships and funding, and sustain high impact reputation results for Yale’s business school.

Results included:

  • Significantly increased media exposure that expanded from local newspapers to daily coverage in major national and business press
  • An 80 percent increase in student applications
  • Alumni “giving” growth from 11 to over 50 percent of the population and the creation of new alumni chapters.
  • In addition, business school rankings in major media significantly improved, including the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Forbes, and the Economist.