Rave Wireless

Rave Wireless (now Rave Mobile Safety) is a pioneer of emergency notification and safety software. Newsmaker Group was Rave Wireless’s media relations firm for the first five years of its business during which time we helped launch the company, develop the company’s strategic positioning, and execute an integrated marketing communications plan to establish awareness of and significantly grow the business.  Rave’s business grew from one university customer to more than 200, and from five to over a hundred employees during Newsmaker Group’s PR partnership with publicity being a main driver.

The initial strategic positioning and communications plan focused on the higher education marketplace in recognition of universities and colleges being the early adopters of safety enhancement technologies.  In addition, we supported Rave’s partnerships with top mobile carriers and technology companies through outreach to the mobile sector. Rave’s products were lauded with industry recognition (CTIA Best New Products, Clery Award for Campus Safety) and the company grew to be a well known brand.

Newsmaker Group generated extensive media coverage for Rave in higher education trade publications (e.g., Chronicle of Higher Education, University Business), mobile industry/general technology media/blogs (e.g., Boing Boing, CNET, Engadget, Red Herring, Wired and GigaOM); national consumer media outlets (e.g., Associated Press, BBC, Fox-TV, Collegebound Teen, Condé Nast Portfolio Magazine, Newsweek, New York Times, Time, USA Today and U.S. News & World Report); as well as local newspapers, television stations and college media nationwide. We also arranged dozens of speaking engagements at a wide range of mobile, technology and higher education industry events.

Our team also managed Rave’s online presence on social media channels, professional networks and forums.  We built brand recognition with students, colleges and universities, and advocates across the country by developing and implementing bloggers’ outreach and awareness campaigns.  In addition, we collaborated with the client to respond to inquiries or questions posted about their services on social media channels.

During its relationship with Rave Wireless, Newsmaker Group was repeatedly credited by company management for the tremendous value and measurable impact we had on their business.  The ultimate testament is a happy customer!